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Wii - Charger - Dual Charge Station - With Two Batteries - Compatible with Motion Plus - Black (Psyclone)


Psyclone™ Charge station with two batteries featuring inductive charging technology, this charge station allows you to keep your Wii™ Remote Glove on and your Wii Motion Plus™ attached. Just place your Wii™ Remote directly on the charge pad and when the blue charge indicator stops blinking your controller is ready for action.

  • Easy to use wireless induction charge technology
  • The battery can either be charged while attached to the Wii™ Remote with the silicone sleeve on, or can be removed from the Wii™ Remote and laid directly on the pad
  • 2 Wii™ Remote can be charged simultaneously
  • Built in light indicates charge status
  • Included: 1 inductive charger, 1 AC adapter and 2 rechargeable induction Ni-MH battery packs

Wii Dual Charge Station

SKU: PX6502
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