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Get yourself a dose of dual-layers and form-fitted design for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the S Series Cover by Qmadix!

This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hard case features a hard polycarbonate outer shell and a shock absorbent TPU underneath for double the protection against impacts. Best part is you'll be sporting this level of protection with a slim design!

The back of the S Series Case has a glossy finish while the sides provide softer edging for a comfortable grip. There's access to all the important stuff, like your camera, screen and ports. The side buttons are raised to give you easier accessibility with the case on.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Series Case ensures you're protected while you go about your day while giving you a little extra edge to our device.


Dual layer protection

Hard polycarbonate outer shell

Shock absorbent TPU core

Glossy finish on back

Soft edging for added grip

Access to screen, camera and ports

Side buttons raised for easy accessibility

Form-fitting design

Qmadix S Series Case for Samsung Note 3

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