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Tired of loosing your Pen Stylus? Fingers too big for your touch screen? Or are the buttons to small? No more worries. Introducing the GPIK™ THUMB STYLUS.

Easy to carry, easy to wear, easy to use. We believe the gpik™ will fit well into your world of mobility and speed.

* includes 4 Gpik's *

Use gpik™ with...

Smart phones , PDAs, like Blackberry storm, blackberry keypad products, sprint instinct, HTC EVO 4G and a host of others

GPS handhelds

Game devices such as Nintendo® DSi ,DSi Lite, DSi XL (use 2 gpik™s – one for each thumb and increase your speed greatly)


Vehicle touch screens

Autos, Boats and Tractors

Kitchen touch screens

Restaurant touch screens

Hospital touch screens

Inventory devices

Delivery handhelds and many others...

** May have difficulty with iphone, G1, Itouch **

Discontinued item, non-refundable!


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