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Looking to replace your old wired earbuds with something much better? Check out our EarBurst 2 wireless headset! When it comes to premium ear buds, sound quality is key. Wired headphones usually have great sound but can be so inconvenient. The true wireless EarBurst 2 headphones give you the convenience of no wires without sacrificing on sound. With deep bass, full acoustic range, and in-ear studio quality sound, this is the perfect earbud for jamming out. These are also great noise cancelling headphones. Block out distracting background noises whether you are listening to music at the gym or taking an important business call. Speaking of calls, the built-in mic offers super clear sound.



Another great feature you’ll find on these wireless headphones - touch control. With the responsive touch controls, you can easily pause music, answer calls, and adjust volume all without pulling out your phone. And speaking of phones, these are some of the best Android or iPhone accessories. The earbuds seamlessly connect to either type of device and fully support Siri and Google assistant. The wireless connection also makes these great PC or gaming headphones. Basically anything that will allow a wireless headset connection will connect with your EarBurst 2s. These are wireless earbuds you’ll want to wear all the time. With an ergonomic, comfortable, water-resistant design, the headphones are great whether sweating through a workout like running or gaming for hours on end. Any sport or activity can be made better with music and a good set of wireless earbuds.



In addition to the lightweight headphones, in your order you’ll also get a charging case. The earbuds have an impressive 3.5 hour battery life which is doubled thanks to the charging case. Both the earphones and charging case fully charge in a quick 1.5 hours. If you are ready for premium sound, grab the ultimate wireless headphones for kids, gamers, athletes, or music lovers. Grab the EarBurst 2.



  • EarBurst 2 Wireless Ear Buds Have Deep Bass
  • In-Ear Studio Quality Sound With Built-In Mic
  • Ergonomic Design Perfect Any Activity
  • Battery Life of 3.5 hours at 50% Volume
  • Quick 1.5 Hour Charging Time
  • Easy Touch Controls For Android 
  • Easy Touch Controls For iPhone Support Siri
  • Easy Touch Controls For Google Assistant
  • Wireless Headphones With Built-in Microphone
  • Charging Case and Lightweight Design



  • Transmission range: 30FT
  • Charging Time: About 1.5H
  • Playing music time: About 3.5hours
  • Earphones Battery capacity: 3.7V/40mAh
  • Charging case capacity: 3.7V/300mAh
  • Buttons style: Touch control
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Ghostek Earburst 2 True Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones

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