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The Worlds First Airflow Wireless Headphone


Experience Aircom's Airflow audio technology - wirelessly. Now you can feel your music like you are front row at concert and take in every detail of sound as the artist intended. Do all this while moving about without being tethered to a device.


Aircom believes sound should be experienced and not just heard. It is the difference between hearing your favorite song in the car or physically being at the festival soaking in the sounds and energy of the performer. Using the Aircom A3x will create that sound experience. Aircom's Airflow audio technology delivers sound through an airtube so it can breathe more and pick up dimension and details that many traditional wired headphones miss or tune out. The result is a feeling that you are at a live performance.


The figure below shows the components of the Airflow audio technology. #1 represents the earbuds, which are empty inside because the speakers are not there. The speakers are about 6” away inside the speaker chamber. These empty earbuds add to the total air space of the headphone and more air means better sound development. #2 shows the airtubes connecting the earbuds to the speaker chamber and this is where the bulk of additional air space is achieved. No other in-the-ear headphone can match this amount air space. #3 are the speaker chambers and this is where the speakers are housed, the Bluetooth chipset, and the battery.


There is an audio “sweet spot” that resides in every recording studio.  This sonic sweet spot is the proper distance/space between the speakers and your eardrums, within the acoustic environment.  The distance must be enough to allow the sound waves to fully develop before hitting your eardrums.  It is for this same reason that we do not place our ears within close proximity to our sound system speakers, even at a low volume.


Besides having the Airflow audio technology for the sound experience, the Aircom A3x is designed to fit your lifestyle whether that is a peaceful isolation on the subway commute to work, a few hours a week in the gym, or just talking to family and friends. The airtubes above the speaker chamber and the cable below it acts like a suspension and creates a weightless feel for the earbuds and it also helps that the earbuds are empty inside, reducing any weight on the ear. Beyond the weightlessness on the ears and the suspension to handle the bumps in life, the A3x has multiple size earrings that provide a secure and comfortable fit for any size ear. With the earring design, the earbud stays securely in the ear and then the eartips are used for making that perfect seal for optimal sound.



Aircom A3x Wireless Earphone

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