WonderTech W301R Zenith 2.4GHZ 6-Axis Gyro Drone w/ HD Camera

WonderTech W301R Zenith 2.4GHZ 6-Axis Gyro Drone w/ HD Camera
WonderTech W301R Zenith 2.4GHZ 6-Axis Gyro Drone w/ HD Camera
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Product Description

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2.4 Ghz Remote Control: Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance. Best anti-interference ability. Signal interference will not occur even if multiple drones are used at the same time.

The latest 6-axis flight control system, 3D lock, more scheduled flight and permits super stable flight.

3D Flip “n” Roll: 360 degrees roll for perfect action and performance.

LED Light not only makes night flight much easier but it also makes the quadcopter look more attractive.

HD Camera lets you see how to control the aircraft as well as take videos and pictures.

Left/right Throttle control switch mode

FPV Video Transmission – “First-person Point of View” is a wireless transmission device that is added to the remote control aerial mode. All the real time view can be seen through the screen on the ground; it is a new playing idea and big innovation of the high-tech area.

One Key Return: When the drone is flying in headless mode, press the one key return button and the drone will fly towards the player. Press the one key return button again, or any other controls on the remote, to exit the one key return function. Headless Mode: If the player loses track of the copters orientation, click the one key to activate CF Mode, which allows you to reset the orientation of the drone to make its current direction as the forwards direction, regardless of where it is now pointed.

Throttle Limit Button: The throttle of the quad-copter can be adjusted by this button. The player can use this button to increase or decrease the quad-copter’s upward/downward speed.


1. Install Software: For Android and iOS, please go to the APP store to download “FPV CAMTECH”.

2. Instructions: Power on the Aircraft. Confirm that the Real Time Video Feed green indicator light is on. Wait 15 seconds for WiFi signal to initialize broadcast. The green indicator light will turn to red and begin to flash once broadcasting has started. Open Settings on your smart phone, go into WiFi settings, search for “CamTech” and connect. Once connected, exit settings and open the “CamTech” App. Click the Connect screen to enter into the control screen to watch the Real Time Video Feed.

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