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Harness the full potential of your GameCube by tapping into the Digital AV Out port on most consoles*.  Previously only used with rarely available component cables.  This adapter provides the best quality visuals by using the open source GC Video 3.0 firmware which includes features such as line doubling, scanline filters, aspect ratios, and a user-friendly on-screen display. 

  • Compatible with GameCube*  

  • Customizable on screen display  

  • USB-C? Data port for easy installation of Firmware updates and additional languages 

  • Scan Filters  

  • Includes IR Remote with 3ft range  

  • Plug-and-play setup 


*Only compatible with GameCube model DOL-001 

**Important! Settings Remote to be used within 3ft of Prism adapter upon setup


Retro-Bit Prism HD Adapter for GameCube

SKU: RB-GC-3063
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