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High quality transparent clear screen guard. Reduces glare, finger print free, and dust repelling. Installation is very simple and does not produce bubbles. Film does not leave adhesive residue when taken off. Custom design for the phone, with precise cuts. Screen protector film does not interfere with touch screen usability and protects the LCD.

Includes: Micro-fiber cleaning cloth for pre- and post-installation use.


Clean off the dust and dirt on your screen using the soft cloth.

Peel off the sticker, which is attached on the back skin. Align the film with the screen and place it in position. Giving pressure slightly on the screen by applying it against the longer side of the screen first.

Use a plastic blade to remove air bubbles.

Avoid having a cracked screen. It looks ugly and can be dangerous.


Each phone model sold individually.

Apple iPhone 7 - XR - Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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